The most important stock exchange


In many countries, the shops have opened the week around the clock, seven days today. The broker and online direct banks have no opening times. Since it is surprising that it is precisely the stock market relatively late opening its doors. As long Here’s all you should know before you sign up as shares were mainly overall in floor trading and sold fixed trading hours were not questioned, but today its meaning is increasingly questioned.

But fixed trading hours also have advantages. Finally, people need to monitor and control the operation of the machines in the computerized trading. Also on the part of traders longer opening times would increase the pressure to be present around the clock. And finally, especially small caps only to determine times are also already dealt with it adequately supply and demand exist. Longer trading hours read this before investing money would have no effect here, with many continuously traded securities did not exist at night probably enough revenue.

Also, the computer store needs people to monitor and control it. There are also at night in some papers not enough trade for a price formation.


The most important stock exchange in Germany is clearly in Frankfurt. Here, the Pre- begins in the morning at 7.30 am. The real beginning is at 8.50 pm with the first auction. Because during the night and in the morning a lot of orders have emerged, is first conducted an auction in the morning, when the first courses are formed. Then starts at 9.00 am, at least for continuously traded, the actual trade.

After 13:00 additional auctions take place, it starts with the DAX and TecDAX and ends with the traded only by auction and mid-caps. So if you want to buy or sell a thinly traded value for which the trading session starts at 13:25 with Read the latest review the lunch auction and ends five minutes later already back.

At 17.30 which ends Xetra trading with the closing auction. It follows the post-trading to 20.00.

The core trading hours in Xetra takes 9:00 to 17:30, including pre- and post-PM is traded 7:30 to 20:00.


In principle, apply to virtually all stock markets trading hours. The recent German Xetra competitor, which was only founded in 2009 Tradegate Exchange in Berlin, has fixed times. Stocks, ETFs and other exchange traded products are traded 8:00 to 22:00 regular funds (not ETFs) to 20.00 and trading of bonds already finish at 17.30.

Saturdays and Sundays is the stock market, as well as in Frankfurt and the regional stock exchanges, closed.
Abroad similar times apply, but the time difference is taken into account. So the Japanese stock market opens indeed in the morning, but then it is in Europe or night. Professional traders make partial use of the fact they are acting on several exchanges traded products always where the stock market is currently open. This is particularly easy in commodities and foreign exchange, while shares are often traded only find out if other traders think on certain exchanges.

Almost all exchanges know fixed opening times, the regional exchanges and the Tradegate Exchange newly founded in 2009.


Investors now the question arises whether one can with a clear conscience at 22.00 place an order if the stock market still closed. Who long term investment and much-traded buys values for which the waiting time makes little difference.
The situation is different in the short-term trading in thinly traded and therefore often volatile values. If the purchase order is placed and in the evening at 21.00 the next day at 13.30 runs, a new information may already have influenced the course. In practice, such values should be in any case always acted with a limit, whether the order was given on the eve at 21.00 or just now at 13.00.