My First Bitcoin

Sure, worldwide transfers transact easily and without high fees, and neither for nor Transfer for storage of money a bank or else to take someone’s help to complete: this and much more is possible with the virtual currency Bitcoin.

But how to get the fastest to enjoy these and other advantages of Bitcoins? One bitcoin code Read the latest review could mines, but it is worth today only in exceptional cases. The easiest and fastest way is to buy Bitcoins on the marketplace.


We explain below how you can easily and quickly purchase your first Bitcoin. Buy this your Bitcoin directly from other users and pay your seller directly by bank transfer. facilitates finding a suitable seller – and helps you keep your future Bitcoins.

The following tutorial explains how to login as you on the marketplace will find suitable offers and how they accept and pay .

Bitcoin Code few personal information is required

Registration at is multi-stage, but usually done in a few minutes.

initially it follows the same procedure that you know from other websites: enter a user name, a password and an e-mail address. Unlike many other sites requires a secure password. Finally bitcoins are money and we will do only on onlinebetrug our best to protect it.

You will then receive an email with a link to login. Before you can log in, you have to enter a one-time password, which we send you by e-mail.

bitcoinde-registration needed-tan

This „two-factor authentication“ mentioned method is used to protect the Bitcoins our customers.

After that, you can log in for the first time. Congratulation!

Before you can act on the marketplace, needed but some data. About your hometown and telephone number. These data are important for a preliminary verification of your identity, and later restore your account in case of loss of the password. With one sent by SMS activation code to confirm your mobile number.

Before you can now purchase by bank transfer Bitcoins, the system will ask you to enter your bank account .. We need the IBAN and BIC of your account and provide proof that you are the owner of the bank account. Usually this is done by a single deposit with IMMEDIATELY.

If you have a bank account at the Bank Fidor, this step is greatly simplified and also enjoy the Express trading in Europe fastest Bitcoin trading.

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How to find in the market place quickly and easily the right offer for sale of your first Bitcoin

users trading in Bitcoins on the marketplace. You can easily see at what price you can buy a Bitcoin here.

bitcoinde marketplace-1

Left you see the „Buy“ column. This is important for people who want to buy a Bitcoin. The right column „Sell“ is important if you want to sell one Bitcoin again.

In this guide but we focus only buying Bitcoins. For that you have to look at the left column. You will find various special offers from users that offer Bitcoins for sale. Like a digital flea market anyone can specify a price itself.

If you want to buy Bitcoins, type in the left column „Buy“ at „Number Bitcoins“, as many Bitcoins you wish to purchase. You must not acquire a whole Bitcoin, but also amounts such as 1.25 can be entered under „Number Bitcoins“.